About Us

Founder & Director / Team

We live in the inspiring Marrakech facing the imposingly beautiful Atlas Mountains, it is in this almost cinematographic frame that we design and organize high standard, customized and unique experiences in Morocco.
After 17 years providing highly customized experiences to our customers, we continue sharing the timeless secrets of Morocco with the same joy.
Our deep knowledge of Morocco came from going beyond standard tourism across the country, learning the ancient traditions with local population during the mint tea ritual, listening to the sound of silence on the most unknown sand dunes in the desert, discovering breathtaking landscapes, and feeling the true and traditional hospitality.

Founder & Director – Mário Teixeira

Lover of large natural spaces, which for him are synonymous of an unparalleled freedom. The first trips in Morocco were almost lonely, especially in the desert, and definitely marked the course of his own life.

Dozens of trips and expeditions crossing almost the entire country over the years have provided an extensive and unique experience at all levels. And this experience allows him drawing itineraries like a painting on a canvas, mentally viewing it and knowing precisely the description of how the sublime landscapes will succeed in the most beautiful routes that are idealized, therefore creating unique sensory trips.

Maroc Luxury Travel trips guided by him are authentically value-added for a customer that wants to have a Unique Lifetime Experience in Morocco.

According to him, “A trip across Morocco is a journey to the beginnings of the world and man; the impressive landscapes are pages of time, alive and timeless. This is when we turn inward, discovering our essence. And in this sublimation we are fully in peace, with ourselves and with what surrounds us.

Directress & Events – Maria Vieira

Her first time to Africa, Morocco, was with a one way ticket and she never returned to Lisbon where she lived most of her life.

During these last years, she was surprised by the extreme beauty of the country and the beautiful heart of the Moroccan people.

She is thrilled when she speaks of Morocco and the pure sensorial experience that lives in the country.

Sensitive to the arts and communication, Maria captures and represents MLT in a unique and exceptional way.

Financial Directress – Ana Pereira

Reserved and tender-hearted, Ana has strong connections to Africa. For years she worked in Angola in both management and economy.

Ruled in her life by the principles of faith and love, Ana welcomed into her family, Ester, an African child, smiling and full of happiness.

The strong physical and spiritual connection with Africa, holds in her heart the true feeling of essence and origin of life.

In Morocco, it is in the simplest things that Ana feels this transcendent energy: “the love of creation. An energy that makes us vibrate, therefore she feels a strong sensorial connection to the earth”.

Sales & Reservations – Carmen Vieira

Adventurous, curious and contemplative, joins the soul and heart to Maroc Luxury Travel.

Graduated in hospitality and tourism, with extensive experience in the area and living in countries like Brazil, Holland and England loves to create new paths and adapt to new cultures.

Recently in Morocco, Carmen expands her knowledge acquired in the high-standard hospitality and tourism market, plunging deep into the experiences of the new Moroccan culture.

Driving on the great and endless slopes of the Moroccan Sahara Desert contemplates in absolute silence and recalls Sísifo an extraordinary poem by the Portuguese Miguel Torga:
If you can without anguish
and without hurry.
And the steps you give
in that hard road
on the future,
Give them in freedom.
While you do not reach
do not rest.
Of no fruit want only half.(…)”

Sales & Reservations – Sofia Henriques

Born in Mozambique, since always she brings with her the rhythm of the African continent. The colors, characteristic smell of the land, the unparalleled imagination of artisans amaze and inspire her.

Morocco is the maximum exponent of this creativity and beauty that is found in all objects, people and places.

Lover of gastronomy, she is easily invaded by traditional flavors with touches of exoticism that make her senses travel.

Three kittens, Mandela, Winnie and Caramel. And a hobby of Sofia is the production of jewelry inspired by the world. For her “Our planet offers us a lot of inspiration that I incorporate with joy in my projects. I love to work with semi-precious stones, vintage fabrics, leather, shells, old coins and color! Reflecting my eclectic sensibility.

Driver – Abdejalil Ait Ali

Hometown: Ouarzazate
Favorite region: Ouarzazate / Chefchaouen
Your favorite expression or proverb: “Live by the moment
Hobbie: Reading

Driver – Abderrahim Kriman

Hometown: Ait Ourir (region next to Marrakech)
Favorite region: Northern Morocco
Your favorite expression or proverb: “Patience is the key to deliverance
Hobbie: Traveling

Driver – Ali Ait Alaouad

Hometown: Marrakech
Favorite region: South of Morocco
Favorite expression: “Do good and cast it into the sea
Hobbie: Sport

Driver – Mohamed Alaoui

Hometown: Pure Marrakchi
Favorite region: Marrakech / South Sahara
Your favorite expression or proverb: “Who loves the tree, loves his branches
Hobbie: Read / Travel

Driver – Nouredine Benzidane

Hometown: Youssoufia
Favorite region: Azilal
Your favorite expression or proverb: “What you are and what you do speaks so loud I can not hear what you say
Hobbie: my favorite sport: handball