Mário Teixeira.


Lover of large natural spaces, which for him are synonymous of an unparalleled freedom. The first trips in Morocco were almost lonely, especially in the desert, and definitely marked the course of his own life.

Dozens of trips and expeditions crossing almost the entire country, over the years, have provided an extensive and unique experience at all levels. And this experience allows him drawing itineraries like someone painting on a canvas, mentally viewing it and knowing precisely the description of how sublime landscapes will succeed in the most beautiful routes that are idealized. Therefore creating unique sensory trips.

Maroc Luxury Travel trips guided by him are authentically value-added for a customer that wants to have a Unique Life Experience in Morocco.

According to him, “A Trip across Morocco is a journey to the beginnings of the world and man; the impressive landscapes are pages of time, live and timeless. This is when we turn inward, discovering our essence. And in this sublimation we are fully in peace, with us and with what surrounds us.”