Sahara Desert, Southern Morocco.


Sensations flood us, those that arise along the trip, and these are feelings that one by one are together with the (re)discovery of our own essence that will generate this sublimation moment. This moment, when already purified, brings us a pure and full peace.

Visual sensations , are viewed throughout the itinerary, in colors, shapes, and dimensions of impressive and beautiful landscapes.

Auditory sensations , arise when you hear the silence of the night in the desert, or the percussions of the drums that refer us to ancient times.

Gustatory sensations , are discovered through the tasting of gastronomic delicate and unedited flavors.

Olfactory sensations , are present throughout the trip and in varied places, marking moments and spaces. Essences, flowers, tasting…

Tactile sensations , as when sitting on the top of a dune in the desert and touching with the hands the warm and super thin sand.

Spatial sensations , can be experienced flying by plane, helicopter or balloon over the sublime forms and landscapes in Morocco.