Scenic flight over Southern Morocco.


Discovering our essence is simultaneously discovering the essential. And it is in this catalyzed encounter of sensations when sublimation appears, when we stay fully in peace, with us and with what is around us. The unique travels designed by us, so eminently contribute to this sensory encounter between the essence and the essential.

In our custom and unique trips, you are lodged in different hotels, traveling with a guide and driver in private car with refined service always available during the entire trip, so you can really have your Morocco travel experience in complete safety, comfort and privacy.

We have planes and helicopters available, which allows a so gallant and authentic experience for taking the most of your Moroccan experience. It is absolutely fascinating and essential to observe the sublime and different landscapes of Morocco. Also, a must do is a scenic flight over Marrakech ballooning with the Atlas Mountains as a background.




Sensations flood us, those that arise along the trip, and these are feelings that one by one are together with the (re)discovery of our own essence that will generate this sublimation moment. This moment, when already purified, brings us a pure and full peace.

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Our team consists of:

• A dedicated Director, who helps drawing, planning and tailoring your trip. In special cases he can also follow personally a trip, reinforcing the experience with his knowledge of the places, culture and people.
• Expert guides that will show legendary places and unknown landscapes like no one ever imagined, places where time seems to have stopped.
• Private dedicated drivers, which provide the transport with all the comfort, security and privacy.



Flying over the unparalleled landscapes of Morocco is a sublime and exciting experience.

• Light Jet and turbo-propeller planes are used regularly and always in private service, especially planes with 8 seats, which are ideal for families or groups of friends.
• Helicopters, with a maximum capacity of 5 persons, provide greater versatility especially in our private panoramic flights in remote regions.
• Balloons are the best solution for panoramic flights in Marrakech or in specific regions, between the Atlas Mountains and the Desert.


One of the best ways to cross Morocco is in a refined car in private service with driver and guide available.

• Mercedes V is ideal for family and friends use. Sophistication, security and performance. Can seat up to 6 adults with exquisite comfort.
• Toyota Land Cruiser, is robust, safe and comfortable. Seats up to 3 adults and 2 children.
• Range Rover, has refinement; it is beautifully decorated and carefully designed to give a sense of calm and comfort. Seats up to 3 adults.



Always lodging at the top boutique hotels in Morocco, riads, kasbahs, villas, palaces or selected camps. In the cities, in the countryside or in the dunes of the desert, unique lodging, where the dedicated professionalism is in perfect combination with good taste and refinement. Real refreshing oasis, where highly qualified service aligns with the best high-standard hotels in the world.

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